Art Portfolio

Most of my art tends to be done in a cartoon or comic book style though I’ve been known to draw other things from time to time. I also have some digital art that was created on the computer with no use of a pen or pencil.

Jazz Club

Back in my old bass-playing days, jamming with some buddies.


My, that’s a BIG hammerwrench!

Fantasy Sports Logo

A tough guy logo for my old fantasy football team, the Neue Regal.

Pheonix Rising Band Logo

Logo (and eventually a tattoo) for local band, Pheonix Rising.

Cartoony Self-portrait

Me, only cooler.

Squirrel Logo

A nutty logo for my neighbor’s website.

Super Heroes

Faster than a speeding particle.

Secret Agents

I always feel like… somebody’s watching me!


Firefighter training cartoons are no laughing matter.

Fantasy Heroine

What’s she hiding behind her back?

Fantasy Hero

He’s mad.

Cartoon Spoof

You’re soaking in it!

Digital Art


You’re safe, no cameras attached to this light.

Spaceship Cockpit

Something Flash Gordan might’ve flown.